Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Palisades Park - Part 3

The computer is back in full working order so it's time again for more enjoyable pastimes. We're back at Palisades Park! One of the more unusual attractions was this giant swimming pool. Not only was it the biggest pool I had ever seen, at 400 by 600 feet, but it was filled with salt water. I believe it was the largest salt water pool in the world, and it may still hold that record. It was fun to go to Palisades, enjoy a cool swim in the pool during the heat of the day then go on the rides in the cooler night hours.

Palisades Park was high above the Hudson River, so besides the swims and rides you also got some great views from up there. I imagine the people living in the apartments built there enjoy their views, but I bet most of them never had fun in this pool.