Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This Date in History - April 26, 1970

It's sometimes difficult to tell exactly when a picture was taken at a world's fair. Sure, you can usually make a good guess as to the year, as most fairs only run one year. Some have run two years, though, and then you also have to consider the 10+ year run of "Man and His World", the successor to Expo 67.

For one year fairs, a slide will often have a processing date on it. However, some people didn't send their film out for processing until far after they got home. I have a box of slides advertised on eBay for the "1966 New York World's Fair". There was no such fair, of course, but someone waited until a year after the fair had closed to get their slides developed. On other slides you may get lucky if the original owner wrote down the date. With negatives, unfortunately, you usually can't get any dates.

Happily this slide of Expo 70 was very easy to date. It shows the date on the official Expo clock, and even shows the time. It looks like April 26, 1970 was a cloudy day at the fair, at least at 9:11 AM.

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